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High-risk properties

At Tesco Compare we offer a selection of home insurance quotes so our customers can make an informed choice. If you are having difficulties obtaining quotes because your property is classified 'high risk' it could be worth considering specialist cover. Factors such as having a history of subsidence, flooding in your area, or if your home has been underpinned could put your home within the 'high-risk' category. Even so, you'll most likely still have the same requirements for good home insurance, so it's worth finding out how specialist providers can help.

Compare and consider the specialist home insurance partners below for flood risk insurance, if you reside in an area deemed to be at risk of flooding. Equally, if you live in an area affected by coastal erosion, or your property is a listed building; you'd also want to shop around to find the best quote matching your needs. Find out more about the home insurance products below and match them against the benefits you require.

Please find links below to a selection of high-risk property insurance partners:

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