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UK Warned to Prepare for Flooding

UK Warned to Prepare for Flooding

Parts of Britain have been told to prepare for further flooding after forecasters predicted the recent heavy rain will continue.

The Environment Agency (EA) said there is an ongoing risk of surface water flooding from overwhelmed drains in London, the South East and Wales.

There is set to be no respite from the rainfall over the coming days after heavy rain at the start of the week.

It follows the news that in Otterbourne, Hampshire, on Monday 39 millimetres of rain fell in a 12-hour period - the average June rainfall for central England and the South East is 50 millimetres.

"It is June's rainfall in one day," said Victoria Kettley, a forecaster with MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association.

With this weather expected to continue wreaking havoc for residents, it might be a good idea for them to improve their flood defences and double-check what their home insurance covers.

Despite these heavy rains, an EA spokesman confirmed that areas of southern England will remain in drought.

He said: "The rain we have had since the start of April - following the driest March for 70 years - has led to a huge improvement in water resources, putting us in a much more positive position for the summer.

"Water companies have seen reservoir levels rise, river levels are mostly back to normal, and many wildlife habitats that were suffering due to a lack of water have recovered.

"While the risk of drought with further water restrictions and associated environmental impacts this summer has reduced, the situation could deteriorate again next year if there is not enough rain this winter, particularly as groundwater levels are still low for this time of year."

The EA has warned of further rain across the South East and unsettled weather for the rest of the week.

It said that although rainfall was lower than expected on Monday night, more heavy rain is predicted heading towards the weekend.

Julia Simpson, the EA's regional duty manager, stressed that in light of the bad weather it wants to make sure people remain aware of the flooding risks.

"Many roads have experienced surface water flooding and motorists are strongly advised to keep out of dangerous floodwater and not to attempt to drive through it," she said.

"We are working with the communities who have been affected by flooding over the past few days and we urge everyone to remain vigilant ahead of further rainfall this week."

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