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Tesco Compare and Tesco Bank work closer together!

Even more choice for customers as Tesco Compare and Tesco Bank work closer together!

Tesco Compare is pleased to be working with Tesco Bank to provide customers with even greater choice and transparency when they compare car insurance or home insurance quotes.

The comparison website searches and compares over 65 leading brands of car insurance and over 25 of home insurance to help customers choose the right deal. It is the only comparison site to offer its customers loyalty points, giving them that little bit extra when buying a car or home policy through Tesco Compare.

The new arrangement will give customers who have come to Tesco Bank for a car or home insurance quote the option to compare it against a wide range of providers through the price comparison site. Tesco Compare will also be able to provide further quote options for customers who the bank cannot cover due to their risk profile.

How does it work?

Within the Tesco Bank quote process, customers have the option to visit Tesco Compare at various stages when applying for car or home insurance. Importantly, they do not have to enter all their information on Tesco Compare; the system remembers their details, saving them time and hassle of starting the process from scratch.

Tesco Compare Commercial Director, Vikki Macleod, said: "We are delighted to be working with Tesco Bank so we can give customers more choice when searching for insurance. Both companies strive to do the best for customers. This co-operation demonstrates our transparency and determination to achieve a great deal for customers."

Launched in 2007, Tesco Compare can find deals for customers from leading car and home insurance providers; it can also introduce people to many comparison services for products, including insurance, money, utilities and telecoms.

Why not search to see if you could save money this autumn?

Tesco Compare intends this autumn to continue to help people search for deals so they could save money. In addition to comparing by price, customers can compare by features and benefits through the quick and simple comparison service.

Summing up, Vikki Macleod, said: "We are sure the new arrangement will embody the Tesco Bank spirit of treating customers fairly. During these tough financial times we appreciate that Every Little Helps can make a difference when finding deals on insurance and other financial products."

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Claire Benson: 0131 203 5516, or email claire.benson@tescobank.com

Notes to editors:
Tesco Personal Finance Compare Limited (trading as Tesco Compare) is part of the Tesco Personal Finance Group Limited, the financial services arm of the UK's number one supermarket chain, which is fully owned by the Tesco Group. Tesco Personal Finance Compare Limited, registered in Scotland No.318925. Interpoint Building, 22 Haymarket Yards, Edinburgh EH12 5BH. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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