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Comparing Burglaries in the UK

Tesco Compare has posted a burglary infographic on its website to let customers know about the rate of burglaries in different UK areas, and the strategies used by housebreakers.

Comparing Burglaries in the UK

An innovative approach from Tesco Compare, an infographic is used to represent information graphically. The new one on the site displays interesting statistics:

Did you know the most likely break-in and burglary victims are single parent families in urban UK areas?*

Alongside revealing UK burglary hotspots, the webpage also displays most sought after items amongst burglars.

Vikki Macleod, Commercial Director of the comparison website, comments: "Infographics are an innovative way to display statistics by making them easier to understand. We aim to use more imaginative techniques to convey information, and this form of graphic is a great way to achieve this."

In addition to unveiling most commonly stolen objects, or when and how burglaries happen, the Infographic may give people an insight into some of the variables insurers base their home insurance premiums on. This, for example, may include the home's location and its level of security.

Who is Tesco Compare?

Launched in 2007, Tesco Compare helps people search for deals from leading car and home insurance providers. But there is more to the comparison site than meets the eye: It can introduce consumers to comparison services for products within money and utilities, and a greater range of insurance products. It also provides links to pet and breakdown insurance providers, and customers can also compare quotes and deals by features according to what is important to them, not just on price.

Summing up, Vikki Macleod, said: "We look forward to continually developing the site by introducing new types of web pages to engage and help customers. By presenting them with interesting information, we intend to encourage greater interaction with Tesco Compare."

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*Source: Home Office, Scottish Government and Northern Ireland Police Service, 2009-2011.

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