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How long will your tyres last?

This is a question that's impossible to answer with any degree of accuracy. Some manufacturers may quote an average number of miles or kilometres for a particular set of tyres, but there are too many other factors which must be taken into consideration. Read more...

Summer Loving: Driving in Summer

So you're in the car, the roof is down, the sun is shining and the empty road stretches ahead. The wind is in your hair and your favourite music is playing... and then you wake up. The reality of driving in summer in the UK is sadly usually rather different, but a bit of forward planning can make it more enjoyable. Read more...

Healthy eating on the road

The first objection crops up in the very title - healthy eating on the road should actually mean that you stop driving, get off the road, and take the opportunity for a rest break as well as to eat. Read more...

Safety when driving alone: top tips

Having sufficient car insurance in place can give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is covered for a number of eventualities. However, what about peace of mind when it comes to your personal safety when driving? Read more...

Driving with children

It's a term that's been repeated so many times in cars all over the world that it's evolved to the level of a driving cliché: "Are we there yet!?" Most driving parents dread the sounds of these words almost as much as they do a flat tyre! Driving with children isn't always easy and we don't pretend otherwise. However, taking a few basic steps can make the whole driving experience more pleasant for everyone involved. Read more...

Strategies for selling your vehicle

Selling a vehicle can be quite a daunting prospect for some people, especially if they don't know where to begin the process. The fact is however that modern technology and the internet is making it possible to 'get the word out' as fast and as effectively as never before. Read more...

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