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Over 50s car insurance

If you're over 50, then you may not be aware that you can benefit from specialist car insurance deals aimed specifically at your age group. Over 50's car insurance can often be cheaper than traditional motor cover as, overall, people in this age group tend to be safer drivers. This is due to a combination of road experience and maturity, often coupled with a reliable car. Because of this, it means that they are less likely to make a claim, thus saving the insurer money.

So, if you're 50+ and you have been buying a standard car insurance policy, now may be the time that you look at the specific deals for the over 50's. These niche policies are tailored to suit your age and so you could make quite substantial savings on the cost.

Of course, getting the right policy at the best price isn't just a case of shopping around to see which will make the least dent in your wallet. There are things that you can do too to further drive down the cost of your car insurance.

No claims bonus

When getting a car insurance quote, don't forget to highlight whether you have a no claims bonus (also known as a no claims discount or NCD for short). This is often overlooked when buying motor insurance and could see you enjoy major discounts on the cost of the cover.

While we're talking about no claims discounts, don't forget to protect yours! While this isn't a money saving tip per se, by protecting your no claims bonus for a small fee now, you could save lots of money in the long run.

Cover for married couples

Surprisingly, recent research* showed that many married and co-habiting couples are paying well over £100 extra a year for their car insurance by not taking out a joint policy. So, check out your car insurance cover to see if you could make savings by having just one policy with two named drivers on there.

*Source: Tesco Compare research Feb 2008

Pay annually

Many insurers will charge you an additional fee if you wish to pay for your car insurance by monthly direct debit - so if you can, pay annually.

Buy your home and motor insurance together

If you buy your car and home insurance from the same provider, you will often get a discount.

Voluntary excess

When you buy a motor insurance policy, the insurer will normally ask that you agree to pay a standard excess amount in the event of a claim. However, if you elect to pay a voluntary excess on top of this standard excess amount, you could see the cost of your premiums go down.

Limit your mileage

If you don't clock up lots of miles every year, why should you pay the same as someone who does? By agreeing to a limited mileage, you could make further savings on your motor insurance.

So, if you are fifty plus and looking for a cheap motor policy, combining the tips above with a good over 50's car insurance policy could see you get great cover at a price that meets your budget.

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