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Insuring your wheelchair accessible vehicle

It's unfortunate that the knee-jerk reaction of many car insurance companies to anything that's even slightly 'out of the ordinary' is to sometimes raise premiums. This is keenly felt by disabled drivers who often find that they pay significantly over the odds when compared to their able-bodied counterparts. This is despite the facts that:

All of the above means that disabled drivers should avoid simply picking up the phone and getting in touch with some of the big players when they arrange or renew their insurance policies. They could instead look for companies who understand their specific needs. Some of the specific things to look out for in choosing a policy are:

It should be clear from the above that arranging insurance for disabled drivers can sometimes be very difficult and complex. It could therefore be worthwhile to get the best possible advice before taking out a policy. This could be done through contacting disability charities (some of whom may already have special arrangements with certain insurance companies) or a broker specialising in arranging insurance cover for disabled drivers.

Finally, before accepting a quote you should make sure that your requirements have been met and that the price is the best that that can be achieved.

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