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Cheap car insurance for young drivers

Stereos blaring and with confidence to boot, young drivers can face a red light against getting affordable car insurance.

Why are young drivers more difficult to insure?

*One in every five young drivers suffers a crash within their first year of driving, and are 10 times more likely to be involved in a serious collision than experienced drivers.

Why do young drivers claim more?

Sometimes, overconfidence and inexperience are factors for young drivers to have accidents and claim on their car insurance. What's more, stylish hot hatches and expensive car stereos mean that young drivers can be vulnerable to theft of and from their vehicles, not to mention vandalism.

How can young drivers reduce their car insurance premiums?

Choose a car in a low insurance group

Young drivers don't have to drive the same car as Lewis Hamilton to look cool and have street cred. Nor do they have to drive like him! Buying a car in a lower insurance group can help young people drive down their insurance premiums. All cars in the UK are given an insurance group rating.

Make the car safe and secure

You've heard the motto, 'lock it, don't lose it!' Young drivers can lower their premiums by increasing their car security such as keeping the vehicle in a locked garage overnight or off the street and adding extra security devices.

Improve your driving skills through a PassPlus course

Through experience comes wisdom. Young drivers can reduce their car insurance premiums by going on an advanced driving course such as the PassPlus. Some insurers offer discounts on car insurance to newly-qualified or young drivers who have completed the course.

Keep the car standard

Spoilers, alloy wheels and other modifications may look the part, but they don't play their part in getting cheap car insurance for young drivers.

Earn a no-claims discount

Safe motoring doesn't have to mean Sunday driving! A young driver who follows the rules of the road is in pole position to benefit from cheaper car insurance by earning a no claims discount or bonus. It's a simple equation: safer driving equals cheaper car insurance for young drivers.

Search for car insurance with comparison sites

Searching the market enables young drivers to vet policies by price and features. But, just like buying a new or used car, it's best to shop around for the right policy, which might not just be on price - but features too.

*Source: AA research published June 2009.

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